Mediation and Litigation Support

Farallon’s team of experts provides technical support to clients and their legal counsel for a wide range of environmental mediation and litigation matters including groundwater fate and transport, cleanup cost appropriateness, PRP allocation, and timing and release mechanisms.  Support services include historical site analysis, declaration of facts submittals, preparing depositions, and developing technical strategies for environmental litigation.

Farallon also prepares technical briefs, Expert Reports, and Rebuttal Reports, and provides expert opinion, rebuttal opinion, expert witness testimony, and testimony as a witness of fact for mediation and litigation.  Additional services involve private-party cost recovery for environmental investigation and cleanup, and development of allocation programs for sites with multiple potentially responsible parties.

Representative Mediation and Litigation Support Project Experience:

For additional information, contact Farallon's Mediation and Litigation Support experts:

J. Riley Conkin
Principal Geologist
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Craig Ware
Principal Hydrogeologist
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Matt Nusenow
Principal Engineer
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