Wood Waste In Sediments

Wood Waste In Sediments

Farallon provided technical support for insurance company attorneys during settlement negotiations for cleanup costs associated with wood waste in freshwater sediments. Farallon reviewed the Remedial Investigation/ Feasibility Study, Cleanup Action Plan, and remediation cost estimates prepared by others for support of settlement negotiations, and provided a detailed evaluation of the engineering and costs for use during arbitration. Farallon’s recommendations resulted in a significant reduction in the client’s final settlement amount.

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Cost Allocation and Recovery Support

With our team of experts drawn from scientific, engineering, and legal backgrounds, we integrate fact-finding with forensic science to unravel even the most complex operational histories and discharge histories at sites involving...

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Mediation and Litigation Support

Our team of experts provides technical support to clients and their legal counsel for a wide range of environmental mediation and litigation matters, including groundwater fate and transport, cleanup cost appropriateness, Potentially...

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Sediment Services

We have specialized expertise in designing sediment investigations where sediments have been impacted by a wide range of contaminants including metals, refined petroleum compounds, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, and...

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