Farallon Consulting acquires Stellar Environmental Solutions
December 16, 2019
Farallon Consulting, L.L.C. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Stellar Environmental Solutions, Inc. (Stellar Environmental) in Berkeley, California. Farallon has a strong presence in Oakland, California and with this acquisition continues to diversify its environmental expertise and services and grow its presence in the region.  “I’m very excited to integrate Stellar Environmental and...
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Get to know Beth Padgett
June 17, 2019
Get to know Beth Padgett A Farallon team member for 5 years, Beth Padgett is a Project Geologist based out of our Seattle, Washington office. This will be Beth’s fifth year as the Farallon coordinator for Food Frenzy, a friendly competition between local businesses to help feed our hungry neighbors. As coordinator, Beth spends time each year volunteering at the Food Lifeline warehouse and...
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Fear of the Indoors - How the Status Quo for Vapor Intrusion Assessment is Changing
May 21, 2019
Vapor intrusion, one of Farallon’s many areas of expertise, is the process by which chemicals in soil and groundwater migrate to indoor air above a contaminated site. Indoor air quality is notoriously difficult to evaluate because contaminant concentrations inside buildings can be very dynamic. Brian Kahl, a Senior Geologist with more than 30 years of experience, authored this recent paper on the...
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Get to know Emerald Erickson-Mulanax
March 26, 2019
Get to know Emerald Erickson-Mulanax A Farallon team member for 9 years, Emerald is an Associate Geologist based out of our Issaquah, Washington office. Emerald was recently elected to the SURF 2019 Board of Trustees. She became an active SURF member 5 years ago and has participated in the Meeting Planning and Communications Committees. Recently, Emerald participated in the SURF Climate Change...
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Farallon's Q4 2018 Core Value Award Winners
February 14, 2019
Farallon encourages Employee-Owners to personally recognize colleagues and express appreciation for outstanding contributions and exceptional work. On a quarterly basis, Farallon gives special recognition and awards to a select group of fellow Employee-Owners who exemplify Farallon’s Core Values and contribute to company success. This quarter’s core value award winners were chosen by their peers...
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Farallon Celebrates 20 Years of Environmental Stewardship
November 19, 2018
 December kicks off Farallon’s 20-year anniversary as a leading environmental consulting firm. Founded on a vision of world-class expertise, Farallon has grown to nearly 100 employees in nine offices on the West Coast. Farallon’s founders opened the firm’s doors in 1998 to provide due diligence, site characterization, and remediation services using creative, forward-thinking solutions. “Farallon...
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Farallon Welcomes Principal Dan Capozzola and Senior Geologist Catherine Rhode
November 7, 2018
Farallon recently welcomed Principal Dan Capozzola and Senior Geologist Catherine Rhode to its Bend, Oregon office. Dan brings 29 years of experience as a Principal Environmental Scientist and holds a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs, with an emphasis in Environmental Studies and Urban Planning. He has extensive experience implementing innovative strategies in environmental consulting...
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Cleaner Air Oregon Completes Emissions Inventories
October 9, 2018
Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is completing its review of the emission inventories submitted under the Cleaner Air Oregon (CAO) program. If you submitted an inventory, it would be good to request the reviewed/final emission inventory from DEQ. The person at DEQ who entered the data, performed QA/QC and did the initial review is Jonathan “JR” Giska, at 503-229-5178. JR can...
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Farallon Welcomes Chief Financial Officer Craig Recob
September 21, 2018
Farallon Consulting is proud to announce Craig Recob as its new Chief Financial Officer. Craig possesses extensive experience, having held chief financial officer and senior finance roles for a broad range of technology and financial services companies. His proficiencies include executive leadership, financial management, operational efficiency, strategic planning, forecasting and analysis, and...
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After Hours: Don Lance and the Bee Team
September 6, 2018
Sometimes, Farallon Senior Geologist Don Lance protects the environment by managing multimillion-dollar cleanup projects, and sometimes he does it one pollinator at a time. Don’s interest in bees started in the early 1980s in the Sonoran desert. A coworker’s honeybee hive swarmed—a natural event to create a new hive when the original hive is overpopulated—and Don was able to capture the swarm and...
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