Health and Safety

Health & Safety

Having an exemplary safety record is no accident at Farallon. Employee health and safety is an integral part of every Farallon project. We take a proactive approach to employee protection and implement health and safety practices far above the industry norm. We are proud of our safety-first culture, our industry-leading training and safety campaigns, and our investment in keeping our employees safe and healthy.

Site Safety

Project field work poses inherent hazards, so we stay ahead of them with our robust internal safety guidelines and measures.

Because projects frequently take us to excavation and construction sites, recognizing site risks is crucial. We identify potential physical, chemical, and other types of hazards and include them in a site-specific Health and Safety Plan. All project personnel convene at the work site at the beginning of each day to review the tasks to be performed, site conditions, equipment in use, concurrent site activities, and safety protocols to be implemented. We underscore the importance of constant attentiveness to potential dangers and the proper response to them. Additionally, our employees are empowered to stop work if they observe unsafe conditions.

Job safety also extends to project subcontractors. We have honed a list of a select few subcontracted firms that take safety seriously and have a proven track record of successfully managing job risks.


The nature of site safety is dynamic, so we stay abreast of the latest health and safety protocols and provide ongoing training to keep our employees up on the latest information. We present in-house seminars featuring topics such as excavation, drilling, electrical issues, lockout/tagout, public utility locate, and driving safety to raise awareness of risks in the field and steps to minimize them.

Our technical employees regularly undergo specialized training and earn safety certifications qualifying them for work in unique environments such as oil refineries, railyards, and other facilities with industry-specific protocols.

Fulfilling safety requirements is never a token activity for Farallon, even when it comes to meeting basic Occupational Safety and Health Administration Hazardous Waste Operations and emergency response training requirements. Rather than relying on off-site training companies to provide annual employee training, we develop a new custom curriculum every year to address safety issues most pertinent to our employees, their work tasks, and evolving health and safety regulations and practices. Our approach promotes discussion, questions, and personal follow-up.

Evaluating Lessons Learned

We track “near misses” — incidents in which no personal injury or property damage took place but could have under slightly different circumstances. By evaluating the circumstances, we expose the innate dangers of a particular type of work or site location, and communicate them to increase awareness and keep everyone safe.

Farallon Consulting and our team of experts are active members of professional associations.