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With offices in Washington, Oregon, and California, Farallon provides a wide array of environmental consulting services to clients throughout the West Coast and beyond.
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Farallon was founded in 1998 by a Hydrogeologist and an Engineering Geologist.

Farallon Consulting started with a Hydrogeologist and an Engineering Geologist with a shared dedication to service-oriented quality. These values of company culture, growth, and The Farallon Way — the systems, processes, and policies that create consistent, world-class work products — led to a company of 100-plus employees with a nationwide service area.

We’re 100 percent employee-owned, and each of us has a stake in making Farallon the best choice for your environmental project needs. Our corporate culture values open communication at all levels, and recognition and reward of hard work. Our commitment to your project goals is backed by strong relationships with regulatory agencies, superior technical expertise, and strategic partnerships with our clients. Through ongoing communications with you, we develop a deep understanding of your goals and put that knowledge to work to provide the right solutions, customized for you. 

Guided by our CEO, Amy Essig, and supported by a Board of Directors, we are committed to providing you with superior quality environmental consulting services, with a reputation for collaborative, innovative solutions.

Explore our projects and read about our expertise. Welcome to The Farallon Way! 


We're 100% employee-owned

Farallon Consulting and our team of experts are active members of professional associations.