We provide creative solutions based on our unwavering commitment to our clients and the environment


We care about the future of our clients, our communities, and the earth. With the world-class expertise, collaborative practices, and trustworthiness our people bring to each project, we create long-term relationships with our clients, governmental agencies, and project partners. Balancing today’s problem-solving with a long-term perspective, we work strategically to benefit our clients and the environment, and to make a lasting difference.

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Core Values


Have a question? We're on it!

When our clients have questions or concerns about their environmental projects, we understand that timing is critical. Rapid responses and timely service, whether in person, on the phone, or by email, are important parts of respecting our clients' deadlines and needs. Prompt communication and regular project status updates are hallmarks of Farallon’s client-centered focus.


The right thing, the right way, every time

Our clients are our priority, and they trust us to help them meet their project goals with the highest quality work. Our unwavering commitment to doing the right thing in every situation and in every decision is the foundation of Farallon’s exceptional reputation in the industry.


Proactive, not reactive

Our clients count on us to ensure their projects run smoothly, and we believe the best way to handle a problem is to keep it from happening. With this forward-thinking approach, we anticipate future needs and design sustainable solutions.


Shared knowledge for successful projects

Our team spans nine offices in three states, and brings to the table both a breadth of skills and depth of knowledge. We draw on the expertise of our team members to offer our clients the best plans to meet project goals. Identifying, applying, and sharing information minimizes unwelcome surprises and contributes to successful project outcomes.


Keeping our eyes on the goal

When clients hire Farallon, they can depend on us to understand their needs and goals. Whether applying time-honored methods or brainstorming to tackle a unique situation, we work to find the most effective ways to achieve project objectives and exceed client expectations, from the beginning of a project through its completion.


Informed, innovative, adaptable

Our fast-changing world requires innovative thinking and the ability to respond to new challenges and design creative approaches. At Farallon, we stay abreast of new ideas and methods so we can adapt to changing project needs and design resourceful solutions to meet project budgets and deadlines.

Farallon Consulting and our team of experts are active members of professional associations.