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Sediment Services

We are experienced in working with both “clean” and “contaminated” sediments in marine, estuarine, lacustrine, and riverine environments in urban and rural areas of the United States.

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Contaminated sediment services that our team provides include:

  • Site investigation and characterization
  • Remedial design and implementation
  • Groundwater to surface water evaluation
  • In-water construction oversight
  • Source control assessment
  • Insurance investigations and claims review
  • Litigation and allocation support
  • Waterfront property due diligence
  • Permitting and regulatory support for navigational and remedial dredging projects

We have specialized expertise in designing sediment investigations where sediments have been impacted by a wide range of contaminants including metals, refined petroleum compounds, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, and polychlorinated biphenyls. We focus on providing the key information needed for decision-making, followed by development of cost-effective cleanup solutions. We are experienced in evaluating sediment cleanup technologies and providing cost estimate and design services. Our team is familiar with regulatory staff and programs and can provide effective permitting and regulatory support, following through with construction oversight and monitoring to ensure compliance, risk management, and cost containment.

We have worked with stakeholder groups, managing public involvement and participation to facilitate successful project completion. For sites involving multiple Potentially Responsible Parties, we provide private-party cost-recovery for environmental investigation and cleanup and for development of allocation programs. For projects involving environmental litigation, our experts partner with legal counsel to develop technical strategies and prepare technical briefs, expert opinions and reports, rebuttal opinions, expert witness testimony, and testimony as witness of fact for mediation and litigation.



Waterfront Property Due Diligence

Property transactions – purchasing, selling, or leasing land – are an integral component of the operations of ports and waterfront businesses, and necessary to ensure growth and stay competitive.

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Site Investigation and Characterization

Designing and implementing environmental projects in waterfront environments requires in-depth knowledge of the physical and natural characteristics of a site and its surroundings and an understanding of how those characteristics might...

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Remedial Design and Implementation

Remediation in aquatic environments at ports and harbors is largely an issue of sediment management. The effective management of contaminated sediments demands careful attention to complex regulatory issues, sensitivity to high-profile...

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Groundwater to Surface Water Evaluation

Understanding the interaction between ground water and surface water is essential to water managers and scientists. Development of a sound conceptual model is key to the evaluation of the system. The conceptual model incorporates the...

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Environmental Dredging

The design and implementation of environmental dredging at contaminated aquatic sites refers to the removal of contaminated sediments to reduce the risk to human health and the environment to acceptable levels.

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Sediment Capping

Our team offers vast experience with sediment evaluations and the design and construction of sediment caps at major aquatic sites. We take pride in developing innovative and cost-effective capping solutions that generate win-win...

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Dredge Material Management

Our team has extensive experience in the evaluation and design of dredge material management projects, including dredged material containment facilities, submerged embankments and holding structures, and wetland habitat creation...

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In-Water Construction Oversight

We have experience during all phases of in-water construction projects. We can provide in-depth evaluations of how various construction approaches will impact the project schedule and budget, as well as identify any key risks that need...

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Source Control Assessment

Source control (and the potential for recontamination) is an important issue when remediating and monitoring contaminated sediment sites. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has identified that source control is critical to...

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Insurance Investigations and Claims Review

As part of our sediment services, we also provide insurance claim evaluation services for sediment sites. We typically provide third-party review of technical documents, and our field staff has provided on-site observation of sediment...

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Litigation and Allocation Support

Our experts support clients involved in multi-party litigation and allocation sediment sites. They have been involved in identifying other Potentially Responsible Parties, developing fact or expert reports and documents, contemplating...

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Permitting and Regulatory Support for Navigational and Remedial Dredging Projects

Almost universally, regulatory requirements and control over contaminated sediments is based on approaches to controlling partially related issues such as industrial discharges and impairment of water quality in waterways. This approach...

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Project Experience

Wood Waste In Sediments

Wood Waste In Sediments

Farallon provided technical support for insurance company attorneys during settlement negotiations for...

Sediment Cleanup in the Lower Duwamish Waterway

Sediment Cleanup in the Lower Duwamish Waterway

Farallon negotiated with EPA and developed scopes of work for conducting an Engineering...

Lower Duwamish Waterway Allocation

Lower Duwamish Waterway Allocation

Farallon is providing several private property owners with multiple properties on the Lower Duwamish...

Mare Island

Sediment Removal and Bioremediation Reactive Wall at Mare Island

Following a feasibility study that identified the best solution to remediate the concerns, Farallon...


Meet Our Team

smiling-farallon-ceo-with-wavy-blond-hair-and-dark-blazer Amy Essig Chief Executive Officer

Amy's 26 years of industry experience includes overseeing multimillion-dollar projects under CERCLA, RCRA, and MTCA, and sites administered under Administrative Orders on Consent, Agreed Orders, and Consent...

Henry_Pietropaoli Henry Pietropaoli Senior Geologist

Henry has over 30 years of experience conducting environmental site investigations, endangerment assessments, contaminant remediation, hazardous waste management, construction, and real estate development...

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