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Source Control Assessment

Dredge Material Management

Source control (and the potential for recontamination) is an important issue when remediating and monitoring contaminated sediment sites. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has identified that source control is critical to understanding and implementing a successful remedy. Our team has completed source control assessment projects that evaluated stormwater, surface water, and groundwater contribution to waterways. We have performed a number of source control assessments to identify contamination sources prior to developing sampling programs and determining the efficacy of source control. Source control is often found to be a necessity in preventing recontamination of waterways after remediation.

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In studying historical analytical data, we can significantly improve the initial understanding of a site by incorporating the data collected by agencies and consultants locally and regionally. Correlation techniques allow extrapolation of findings to fill important data gaps. A review of the historical measurement of water depths, dredging operations, and current velocities also gives strong indications of the dynamics of a water body, including areas of sediment and contaminant accretion.

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