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Sediment Removal and Bioremediation Reactive Wall at Mare Island

Mare Island

Farallon identified and remediated an area of hydrocarbon-impacted soil and groundwater originating from historical U.S. Navy operations on Mare Island. A 2,000-foot area of subsurface piping and a 6-foot-diameter cooling water loop leading to the sensitive receptor bay water was found to be the source of contamination.

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Following a feasibility study that identified the best solution to remediate the concerns, Farallon conducted a pilot study to test the effectiveness of in-situ bioremediation, along with a removal action of hydrocarbon-impacted sediments in the cooling water loop that was submerged below groundwater. Sediments were vacuumed out along the 400-foot length of pipe and treated to separate out the hydrocarbon using a settling and separation water tank, followed by a gravity and centrifugal system. The remaining groundwater contamination was treated with an in-situ injection of an aerobic bioremediation compound.

To protect against future long-term migration to the bay, a reactive barrier wall will be installed. Groundwater monitoring wells are being sampled to evaluate the efficacy of the remedy and meeting the site closure criteria.


Services Utilized

Construction Support

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Contaminated Site Investigation and Cleanup

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Sediment Services

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Henry_Pietropaoli Henry Pietropaoli Senior Geologist

Henry has over 30 years of experience conducting environmental site investigations, endangerment assessments, contaminant remediation, hazardous waste management, construction, and real estate development...

smiling-farallon-employee-with-short-gray-hair-and-dark-glasses Richard Makdisi Principal Geochemist

Richard is a Principal Geochemist and has more than 36 years experience in hazardous management, geoscience engineering, geochemistry, and geohydrology. Richard has hands-on experience managing regional and site...

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