Insurance Claim Evaluation

Farallon provides technical support to insurance carriers administering claims for contaminated properties and evaluating environmental risk affecting issuance of new insurance policies.  For cost-recovery actions involving completed cleanups, Farallon evaluates whether remedial action undertaken was necessary and complied with governing state or federal regulations, and whether costs incurred were reasonable and customary.  

Farallon also provides technical support for sites where environmental cleanup is ongoing or anticipated.  For third-party oversight on behalf of insurance carriers, Farallon evaluates scopes of work and costs either incurred or proposed by others for investigation and cleanup work.  Farallon provides expert litigation support during cost allocation and mediation for third-party claims cases against an insured party.

Representative Insurance Claim Evalution Project Experience:

For additional information, contact Farallon's Insurance Claim Evaluation experts:

Clifford T. Schmitt
Principal Hydrogeologist and Co-Founder
(425) 295-0801
Peter Jewett, Founding Member of Farallon Consulting
Principal Engineering Geologist and Co-Founder
(425) 295-0802