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Landfill Insurance Claim Support

Landfill insurance claim support - man picking up trash in a landffill

Farallon conducted a detailed evaluation of past and estimated future cleanup costs for adjacent landfills.

The evaluation involved characterizing landfill contents using disposal records, predicting past and future contaminant mass release rates, and assessing hydrogeologic conditions and the nature and extent of soil and groundwater contamination.

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Remedial actions previously conducted by others included source removal, soil vapor extraction, and air stripping/hydraulic control of groundwater. The current remediation system treats emissions via thermal destruction in the landfill flare system. Farallon used its evaluation results to assess the effectiveness of the current system and propose remediation alternatives, and prepared detailed cost estimates for regulatory responses, capitalization, and operation and maintenance over a 35 year period for several remediation alternatives.


Services Utilized

Initial Claim Analysis

During the initial stages of an insurance claim, we conduct a review of the technical information and regulatory background for the project and provide documentation to empower the policyholder to ask informed questions to assess the...

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Insurance Claim Evaluation

We provide technical support to insurance carriers administering claims for contaminated properties and evaluating environmental risk affecting issuance of new insurance policies.

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headshot of Clifford Schmitt Clifford T. Schmitt Principal Hydrogeologist

Cliff is a licensed geologist and hydrogeologist in Washington and California. He has 35 years of experience in investigation and cleanup project management

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