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insurance litigation support services

Whether our client is the insured or the insurance company, we use our expert technical and regulatory knowledge to provide support for litigation and alternative dispute resolution including settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and trial. The types of projects we work on include dry cleaning sites, industrial facilities, mining-related sites, landfills, and other complex cleanup sites that involve up to hundreds of millions of dollars of environmental response costs.

For insurance companies, we collaborate with their counsel to provide technical analysis and internal reports that support claim management decisions.

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Project Experience

Aluminum Manufacturing Facility

Aluminum Manufacturing Facility

Farallon currently is providing insurance carriers with Expert Opinion and technical support for...

Metal Recycling Facility

Metal Recycling Facility

Interpretation of aerial photographs was used to identify historical activities, potential on- and...

Uranium Mine

Uranium Mine

Farallon reviewed leases, the operational history, reclamation plans, regulatory agency...


Meet Our Team

smiling-farallon-employee-with-long-straight-blond-hair Emerald J. Erickson-Mulanax Senior Geologist, Managing Senior

Emerald has more than 12 years of environmental consulting experience, and conducts services for clients in Washington and Oregon that include soil, air, and groundwater monitoring and site assessments. She also...

headshot of Clifford Schmitt Clifford T. Schmitt Principal Hydrogeologist

Cliff is a licensed geologist and hydrogeologist in Washington and California. He has 35 years of experience in investigation and cleanup project management

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