Ongoing Claim Monitoring

Tanker Spill in mountains

For covered claims where environmental cleanup is anticipated or ongoing, we provide continued technical support to the claims manager throughout the cleanup process. The support often involves review of documentation prepared by the policyholder’s consultant to assess whether the work is reasonable and necessary to address technical goals and regulatory requirements of the cleanup action and whether estimated costs are within industry standards. For some claims we provide on-site observation of investigation and cleanup work performed by the policyholder’s consultant. When requested, we assist the policyholder and their consultant to strategize the regulatory pathway to obtain site closure.

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Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing Plant

Farallon was contracted for technical support by an insurance carrier covering the investigation and...


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smiling-farallon-employee-with-long-straight-blond-hair Emerald J. Erickson-Mulanax Senior Geologist, Managing Senior

Emerald has more than 12 years of environmental consulting experience, and conducts services for clients in Washington and Oregon that include soil, air, and groundwater monitoring and site assessments. She also...

headshot of Clifford Schmitt Clifford T. Schmitt Principal Hydrogeologist

Cliff is a licensed geologist and hydrogeologist in Washington and California. He has 35 years of experience in investigation and cleanup project management

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