Farallon Consulting provides a diversity of environmental consulting services to clients throughout the west coast and beyond with offices in Washington, Oregon, and California.

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Real Estate Developer Obtains Regulatory Closure

Farallon completed a remedial investigation/feasibility study and cleanup action at a Seattle property slated for residential...
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Regulatory Closure for VOC Contamination

Regulatory Closure for Volatile Organic Compound Contamination

A client engaged Farallon to perform environmental due diligence activities at an industrial warehouse where the client previously...
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Former Chemical Manufacturer Brownfields Property

Former Chemical Manufacturer Brownfield Property

Farallon completed a focused RI/FS for groundwater at a former chemical mixing plant in the Duwamish industrial corridor with an 80-year...
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oregon lumber mill meets compliance reporting requirements

Oregon Lumber Mill Meets Compliance Reporting Requirements

When record-breaking precipitation led to unanticipated stormwater runoff at an Eastern Oregon lumber mill, Farallon performed water...
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port of bellingham

Port of Bellingham

Farallon provided oversight for the Port’s ECAP, managing the project budget, schedule, and correspondence; conducting and documenting...
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managing risks in retail center

Managing Risks in Retail Center

Farallon was engaged to address vapor intrusion concerns at a retail facility formerly used by a dry cleaning tenant. Soil gas sampling...
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hamilton labree roads groundwater contamination

Hamilton/Labree Roads Groundwater Contamination Superfund Site

Farallon conducted a remedial investigation (RI) for cleanup cost allocation at superfund site. The RI was conducted at a federal...
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pesticide contaminated site

Able Pest Control

Farallon successfully completed the cleanup of a pesticide-contaminated site in a residential area of Seattle. The property had been used...
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active railyard

Active Railyard

Farallon completed a detailed site characterization effort to develop and implement strategies at an operating railyard facility in...
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creative cleanup at former dry cleaner

Creative Cleanup at Former Dry Cleaner

Farallon was retained by an insurance company representing the previous owner of this former dry cleaning facility responsible for...
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former automobile dealership

Former Automobile Dealership

Farallon determined that previous remedial activities performed at a former automobile dealership were insufficient to satisfy Washington...
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volatile organic compound facility audits

Volatile Organic Compound Facility Audits

Farallon regularly provides risk management services to property owners and managers having overall responsibility for retail sales and...
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