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pesticide contaminated site

Farallon successfully completed the cleanup of a pesticide-contaminated site in a residential area of Seattle. The property had been used to store and distribute pesticides, including DDT, chlordane, and dieldrin. Concentrations of pesticides were found in soil at the site and an adjacent preschool facility. The cleanup at the site was performed under an Agreed Order with Ecology. An Emergency Interim Remedial Action was completed to protect the adjacent property.

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Results from the complex RI/FS conducted by Farallon indicated that contaminant concentrations exceeding the levels that designate dangerous waste were located within the upper 3 feet of soil throughout the site. Farallon worked closely with Ecology to develop an approved cleanup action plan for the site, which included preparation of an Environmental Media Management Plan for the contaminated soil at the site. The portion of the contaminated soil designated as dangerous waste was remediated using an innovative bioremediation technology to reduce contaminant levels to those acceptable by a Subtitle C landfill. A Contained-In designation was obtained for disposal of some of the soil excavated from the site, resulting in a significant decrease in cleanup costs.

Farallon’s investigation and cleanup action resulted in an efficient and cost-effective remediation that avoided a regulatory Enforcement Order. Ecology removed the site from the Hazardous Sites List and provided a No Further Action determination for the site.


Services Utilized

Contaminated Site Investigation and Cleanup

Over the past 20 years we have developed a top-tier team of technical professionals including experts in contaminant fate and transport characterization, modeling, and remediation engineering who have successfully developed and...

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Feasibility Studies and Remedial System Design

Regulatory agencies often require studies, which are a useful first step in the design process. We conduct Feasibility Studies to evaluate the comparative effectiveness, practicality, timeliness, and costs for potential remedial...

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Remedial Investigation

Our team has successfully completed Remedial Investigations at numerous commercial, industrial, Brownfield, and agricultural properties to characterize the extent and magnitude of contamination to various media. These include impacts to...

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Meet Our Experts

smiling-farallon-employee-with-bright-blue-shirt J. Riley Conkin Principal Geologist

Riley is a licensed geologist and licensed hydrogeologist in Washington with more than 25 years of experience in contaminant hydrogeology and cleanup. His expertise includes investigation and delineation of...

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