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Oregon Lumber Mill Meets Compliance Reporting Requirements

oregon lumber mill meets compliance reporting requirements

When record-breaking precipitation led to unanticipated stormwater runoff at an Eastern Oregon lumber mill, Farallon performed water sampling and provided environmental compliance support to address a series of challenging environmental issues at the facility. Farallon’s rapid response and thorough understanding of the client’s needs resulted in reducing or preventing monetary fines for the client.

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Farallon collaborated with lumber mill personnel to select appropriate sampling locations and constituents for analysis for water released from the facility to an adjacent water body. Farallon Scientists remained at the facility to conduct daily sampling, monitor discharge, and work with the client to identify other critical sampling needs. Farallon expedited quick turnaround times on laboratory samples and provided the client with the information required to report analytical results and field-collected observations to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Additionally, Farallon provided the client with maintenance and permitting recommendations to help prevent future stormwater-related environmental compliance issues at the facility.

As a result of Farallon’s rapid response and diligent follow-up, the client was able to maintain a collaborative and productive relationship with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Additionally, the client selected Farallon to perform additional work at the facility unrelated to the initial scope of work.

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