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Limited Environmental Compliance Assessment

We designed the Limited Environmental Compliance Assessment (LECA) as a practical approach to provide a high-level review of operations at industrial and commercial sites to evaluate conformance with relevant federal, state, and local regulations.

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Paired with a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Report:

The LECA can provide critical due diligence indicators and will complement the information provided in a Phase I ESA Report. A Phase I ESA Report is a focused investigation of a real estate property to determine whether any conditions are indicative of current or past releases of hazardous materials or chemicals. These conditions are collectively known as recognized environmental conditions, often called “RECs.” In contrast, the purpose of a LECA is to review existing manufacturing operations and evaluate the current and future compliance status for a potential purchaser. The LECA focuses on operational areas where liability could be transferred to the new owner, or compliance issues that may require capital expenditures for the new owner to remedy. The LECA helps the potential purchaser assess and prioritize the business risks associated with purchasing and running site operations in a way that is not captured by the Phase I ESA. The LECA is often conducted in conjunction with a Phase I ESA site reconnaissance and completed within the time constraint stipulated for the Phase I ESA conducted at the site.

As a Stand-Alone Assessment:

We developed the LECA to provide a baseline review of existing and proposed industrial and commercial operations to determine their conformance with applicable environmental regulations. A LECA is not a multimedia audit but rather a focused assessment of potential compliance challenges that could be a liability to an owner or operator. These deficiencies can develop when operations change or expand, when there is a change in key personnel, or when environmental compliance regulations are updated or revised. The scope of work for a LECA is flexible and can be adjusted to meet specific needs or assess only a portion of site operations. The LECA is a proactive management tool to help the responsible party identify significant environmental compliance issues.


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Texas ESA and compliance assessment

Texas ESA and Compliance Assessment

Farallon conducts quick-deadline limited environmental site assessment and limited environmental...

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