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Texas ESA and Compliance Assessment

Texas ESA and compliance assessment

Farallon conducts quick-deadline limited environmental site assessment and limited environmental compliance assessment for Texas investor

When a prospective investor needed to understand potential historical environmental liabilities and whether a facility’s equipment and operations met environmental standards, Farallon provided a timely response.

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Farallon performed a limited environmental site assessment and a limited environmental compliance assessment at a chemical manufacturing facility in Texas, approximately one week after being contacted by the client. Farallon evaluated the site and operations for potential environmental risks by: reconnoitering the area around the facility; inspecting the facility and it’s appurtenances; interviewing employees; observing operations, storage, and facility conditions; reviewing available records; and searching online databases. Farallon provided site assessment findings, including low- and high-risk findings and data gaps, and regulatory compliance findings in time for a scheduled investors’ meeting.

This was a great opportunity to take Farallon’s experience in multiple environmental programs and apply that knowledge to one project. Farallon was able to call on assets from many team members in order to complete thorough site investigations to meet our client’s deadline.


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Limited Environmental Compliance Assessment

Paired with a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Report: The LECA can provide critical due diligence indicators and will complement the information provided in a Phase I ESA Report. A Phase I ESA Report is a focused...

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