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Wastewater and Stormwater System Design

Wastewater Stormwater

Our capabilities include the full range of design services for stormwater and industrial wastewater systems, including collection, conveyance, and treatment systems.

Our engineers work closely with internal compliance specialists as well as our clients’ environmental and compliance staff to evaluate, develop, and design systems that discharge under regulatory scrutiny. Our services range from evaluating and optimizing existing systems to identifying and designing complete systems for new or retrofitted facilities.

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For stormwater applications, we are experienced with all types of system design, whether it be identifying simple best management practices to meet benchmark discharge levels; working with equipment providers to size and install advanced treatment devices such as sand and media filtration, electro-coagulation, or absorptive media (to name a few); or creating complex, standalone treatment systems tailored to site-specific conditions.

Additionally, our stormwater engineers are always striving to provide low-impact and sustainable options for managing and treating stormwater runoff, whenever possible, in lieu of maintenance-heavy and energy-consuming treatment systems.

We provide wastewater system design to a wide variety of industrial clients, including food production and processing, aluminum and steel production, transportation providers and facilities, manufacturing, and metal and consumer scrap and recycling operations.


Project Experience

Turf Conversion for Football Field

Turf Conversion for Football Field

The artificial turf field and stormwater system were designed to current King County surface water...

project site for california construction stormwater compliance

California Construction Stormwater Compliance

A Farallon Qualified Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Developer (QSD) provided timely stormwater...

stormwater treatment for hotel development site

Stormwater Treatment for Hotel Development

When planned hotel construction stalled because of the presence of 0.08 acre of wetlands on the site,...

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