Aluminum Reduction Plant

Farallon currently is providing Expert Opinion and technical support for litigation associated with cost recovery for cleanup of solid waste handling units at a primary aluminum reduction plant in Ferndale, Washington.  Technical support included reviewing and evaluating technical data to provide an Expert Opinion on whether removal of the solid waste was necessary to meet the requirements of MTCA or was required by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Part B Permit for the landfill closure as a business expense.  Evaluation of the technical data has been completed to determine whether releases of hazardous substances occurred to soil, groundwater, surface water, or sediments that would have required a cleanup action under MTCA or whether the removal of the landfill was required by RCRA as clean closure.  The Farallon Principal is providing Consulting Expert and Testifying Expert Support and Depositions, and is scheduled to testify at trial.