Aluminum Manufacturing Facility

Farallon currently is providing insurance carriers with Expert Opinion and technical support for evaluation of past investigation costs and potential future cleanup costs, and assessment of the level of responsible care exercised for a release of chlorinated solvents to soil and groundwater at a former aluminum manufacturing facility in El Campo, Texas.  Farallon reviews and evaluates technical reports and data provided by others to evaluate potential future costs that are reasonable and necessary for cleanup of TCE, and to assess future risks to human health associated with indoor vapor and drinking water for a groundwater plume extending over 2 miles in a residential area.  Farallon reviewed procedures and practices conducted at the facility from the late 1960s to the early 1970s against industry standards, waste-processing technologies, and best practices employed by the industry during that period.  Farallon has provided summary documents to the insurance carriers for their evaluation of the claim.