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Waste Management

Waste Management

Cannabis cultivators and manufacturers produce waste that can fall under different categories resulting in a variety of handling, documentation, and disposal requirements. We assist our clients in the development and implementation of waste management solutions.

Cannabis extraction may produce a variety of waste products throughout the extraction process, including hazardous waste. Some waste can be reused: recovered ethanol can have a second life as a cleaning agent and lipids can be repurposed for soaps.  Other extraction waste such as sesquiterpenes or filters must be properly classified and disposed. 

Cultivation, harvesting, and processing of cannabis plants may produce significant quantities of materials that can be classified as organic waste. Organic waste can be handled by either composting on-site or disposal off-site at a facility approved to accept organic waste. Our team assists with properly identifying, documenting, and disposing of waste generated during operations. We support clients in the development of Waste Management Plans to help meet compliance requirements.

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