Major Medical Center

Farallon recently completed a series of Phase I ESAs and environmental compliance audits for a portfolio of 32 facilities owned and/or operated by a local medical center, one of the largest health care networks in the Puget Sound region. The assessments and audits were conducted at properties throughout the greater Seattle area and included medical clinics, commercial offices, apartment buildings, storage warehouses, daycare centers, parking structures, a hospital, and a hotel. Client deadlines dictated that all work be completed on an expedited schedule.

The objective of the Phase I ESAs was to conduct appropriate inquiry into past and present ownership and uses of each facility owned by the medical center. The reports documenting Phase I ESA results were used as a risk-management tool to fulfill All Appropriate Inquiry requirements and the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act liability defense. The purpose of the environmental compliance audits was to identify potential liabilities associated with environmental management, waste streams, and permitting, and to assess the medical center’s compliance with regulatory environmental reporting requirements for all owned and leased properties.