Jeffrey Kaspar, L.G., L.H.G.

Jeffrey Kaspar, L.G., L.H.G.

Principal Geologist

Washington Operations Manager
Issaquah, Washington Office

  • MS Geology
  • BS Geology
  • 28 years experience
Direct: (425) 295-0808
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Jeff’s 28 years of experience allow him to anticipate client and project needs. His emphasis on developing effective working relationships with clients, regulators, vendors, and peers ensures that clients’ business objectives are consistently achieved in a timely, cost-effective manner. Jeff specializes in vapor intrusion, site characterization, bioremediation, a variety of other remediation services, regulatory negotiations, litigation support, and insurance claims evaluations.

Clients and Industries

  • Real Estate/Financial
  • Insurance
  • Litigation/Mediation Support
  • Landowners in Distress
  • Industrial/Manufacturing

Proficiencies and Experience

  • Site Characterization
  • Chlorinated Solvent Investigations/Remediation
  • Remediation/Cleanup Actions
  • Underground Storage Tank Assessments/Cleanup
  • Vapor Intrusion Evaluation and Mitigation
  • Biostimulation/Bioaugmentation

Key Projects

Fun Facts

Jeff is an active supporter of the community. He is a Boy Scout leader, volunteer/supporter at Eastside Baby Corner, and Food Lifeline. He enjoys light hiking, sea kayaking, and road trips to exciting and new places, especially if there is some good geology involved. Jeff has been geek long before it was chic and enjoys comics, science fiction, and pop culture. Visitors are often in awe (or shock) of the eclectic mixture of art, rocks/fossils/minerals, and toys/statues that are displayed in his office. Luckily Jeff's wife, son, and daughter are Disney fans and can all relate on some level. They enjoy their annual visits to the happiest place on earth and other family trips.  Jeff enjoys a good beer, particularly Belgian varieties, and is always up for a socializing with with friends, family, coworkers, and clients.

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