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Kyle Campbell, G.I.T.

Project Geologist
Irvine, California

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Kyle is a Geologist in Training with a diverse array of training experiences, from basic robotics and astrogeology to paleoclimatology. Kyle has worked on numerous reports, workplans and proposals, each requiring attaining new skills such as radiological surveying, deep dive historical archive research, and more traditional skills associated with environmental remediation techniques and practices. Kyle has conducted groundwater monitoring, air and soil vapor monitoring events across most of California, overseen UST excavations, oil pipeline removals and installed multiple SVE and Air Sparge systems as part of his regular duties as a field geologist. Kyle also tinkers with AI-powered software to assist in common office tasks in the hopes of slowly streamlining and standardizing processes that ordinarily are labor intensive.


  • Geologist in Training, CA

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Kyle spends his free time creating maps, reading about ancient civilizations, and occasionally keeping himself out of trouble while exploring abandoned mines. A fan of mysteries, archaeology, and exploration, Kyle regularly finds himself looking for places to travel to that are otherwise largely lost or forgotten by the world. When asked, Kyle says the best $5 he ever spent was to snorkel off the coast of Catalina. The worst $50 he ever spent was on gas, searching for a ghost town called Garlock. The best adventures always include the company of his friends and family.

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