Stacy Patterson Named Farallon Principal

August 12, 2015

Stacy Patterson Farallon is proud to announce that Ms. Stacy Patterson, Environmental Services Group Manager, has been promoted to Principal Environmental Scientist.  Stacy’s 21 years of experience includes environmental compliance support, industrial stormwater management, health and safety program administration, and site investigation and remediation.  In her 5 years with Farallon, Stacy has become the firm’s lead stormwater expert.

“Stacy plays an integral role on the Farallon team as both a manager and a leader,” says Farallon Principal Scientist Amy Essig Desai.  “She is well respected and highly regarded by her peers and clients.  Stacy is a key asset in Farallon’s continued growth and firm management.”

Associate Environmental Specialist and coworker Thomas Long notes, “The experience and knowledge Stacy brings to the table have been instrumental in her successful leadership of the compliance work initiative.  Stacy upholds the high standards that Farallon has for its work products and is very supportive of the professional growth of her work group, through mentoring, providing exposure to new work experiences, and offering educational opportunities.  Stacy is a leader who will move Farallon into the future.”

Stacy’s compliance work includes supporting industrial clients with implementation and management of wastewater and stormwater National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits, Underground Injection Control registration and maintenance, state and federal waste handling and disposal regulations, spill response preparation and planning, regulatory reporting, and environmental training at facilities in the Pacific Northwest. 

Stacy Patterson
Principal Environmental Scientist
(425) 295-0812