Farallon's Q4 2018 Core Value Award Winners

February 14, 2019

Farallon encourages Employee-Owners to personally recognize colleagues and express appreciation for outstanding contributions and exceptional work. On a quarterly basis, Farallon gives special recognition and awards to a select group of fellow Employee-Owners who exemplify Farallon’s Core Values and contribute to company success.

This quarter’s core value award winners were chosen by their peers out of a pool of well-deserved employee recognition nominations.  We are proud to share our Q4 2018 award winners with you:   

Jennifer Moore (Issaquah) sacrificed part of her weekend to help Farallonians in need.

Sara Haynes (Baker City) routinely showcases Farallon excellence.

Stephen Gaynier (Seattle) delivered high-quality work despite quick turnaround
expectations just before a holiday.

Torah Cottrill, Cal Moore, Mel Mickael, and Barbara Jellison (Issaquah), the Editing Team,
collaborate regularly with team members across nine offices to ensure product quality.

Solution Focused
Ryan Ostrom and Lisa Thompson (Issaquah) overcame many hurdles to get the job done.

Amber Bailey (Issaquah) stepped out of her comfort zone to present safety
information to a nationwide audience.