Farallon Welcomes Principals Chuck Esler and John Bird

December 19, 2017

Chuck Esler, Principal ScientistChuck Esler, a Principal Scientist, joins Farallon's Portland, Oregon office bringing more than 27 years of experience providing environmental consulting services to a wide array of commercial, industrial, and public sector clients.  His experience includes hundreds of environmental projects such as preliminary assessments; sediment, soil, soil gas, and groundwater investigations; remedial investigations; interim remedial actions; human health and ecological risk assessments; land use and beneficial water use determinations; and feasibility studies.  Many of these projects involved corrective actions, including in-situ and ex-situ remediation systems (e.g., bioremediation, chemical oxidation, pump and treat, vapor extraction, stabilization, removal and thermal treatment). 

John Bird, Principal GeologistJohn Bird, a Principal Geologist, joins Farallon's Oakland, California office bringing over 30 years of experience with projects that include several multimillion dollar Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study projects involving numerous potentially responsible parties under adverse litigious conditions.  He has extensive project experience on large-scale, National Contingency Plan–compliant investigations for the public and private sectors.  John also works to develop community outreach programs such as Restoration Advisory Boards, Technical Review Committees, and other community relations activities.

Farallon is proud to welcome Chuck and John to the Farallon team.  Their work will be integral to the firm’s mission to provide world-class expertise and resourceful, effective solutions in an ever-evolving industry.

Chuck Esler, Principal ScientistChuck Esler
Principal Scientist
(503) 966-6158

John Bird, Principal GeologistJohn Bird
Principal Geologist
(510) 879-6806