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Farallon Welcomes David Waymire and Carla Mauger

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David Waymire
Irvine, California

Carla Mauger
Portland, Oregon

Farallon Consulting recently welcomed David Waymire to its Irvine, California office and Carla Mauger to its Portland, Oregon office.  Farallon has a long-standing commitment to respond to our client challenges and to be an integrated teaming partner to support our clients’ business needs. As our clients face increasingly complex compliance requirements, in particular those related to air quality, we have grown to ensure our staff brings the expertise needed across all regulatory programs.

David Waymire is an air quality scientist with over 25 years of specialized expertise in air quality modeling, impact analysis, risk management, emissions quantification, and air quality permitting. His experience includes application, development, and interpretation of meteorological models; health risk assessments for dozens of industrial facilities, including some of the largest facilities considered under California’s AB2588 Air Toxics program; air quality impact assessments for environmental impact reports; and consequence analysis of accidental releases.

"David's addition to the Farallon team allows us to further support our clients from reviewing
potential air quality impacts of a new project, to obtaining required authorizations and permits
for construction and operation, to maintaining compliance on an ongoing basis. His 25 years of practical, implementation-focused expertise will be a great asset to clients up and down the west coast”
states Farallon’s Chief Executive Officer Amy Essig.

Carla Mauger brings with her over 30 years’ experience as an Environmental Manager with a demonstrated ability to apply deep multi-media regulatory, advanced technical, and business management expertise to achieve organizational strategic, operational, and sustainability goals. Carla develops, implements, and maintains comprehensive environmental management systems, policies, and procedures that result in sustained environmental regulatory compliance. Her areas of expertise include the management of hazardous materials, solid and hazardous wastes, and industrial wastewater; emergency response; process improvement; and employee training. She is an excellent communicator, an intuitive collaborator and relationship builder, an expert permit negotiator, and an engaging trainer and conference presenter.

"A real differentiator for Farallon is our focus on supporting our clients in putting regulatory
programs into practice,” says Sarah Glathar, Principal Compliance Specialist. “Many of our
specialists come from industry and have tangible and practical experience living and working
within multi-media compliance programs. Carla has a career’s worth of real-world implementation
of requirements for regulated operations and will be an asset to any of our client-consultant teams.”

Carla and David will leverage their expertise to support Farallon clients across the country.

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