Farallon Oakland Goes Green

April 29, 2015

Bay Area Green BusinessFarallon is pleased to announce that its Oakland, California office had been certified as a Green Business. The California Green Business Program requires certified businesses to demonstrate a commitment to recycling, energy and water conservation, and pollution prevention. This year, more than 2,800 California Green Businesses have saved 822,677 metric tons of CO2 and 124,312,888 gallons of water, among other benefits.

Farallon’s Oakland office earned its certification with measures such as using task lighting instead of area lighting, switching to energy-efficient fixtures, eliminating the use of individual bottles of water, and purchasing paper with post-consumer content. Farallon salutes Gary Hokkanen, Lester Feldman, Gavin Polite Fisco, Katherine Dlubac, and Lori Pettegrew for their accomplishment in making the Oakland office a Green Business as part of Farallon’s ongoing commitment to “Going Greener.”