Farallon After Hours: Brenden Taylor Rocks On

October 27, 2016

Farallon newbie Brenden Taylor brought more than his 9 years of experience in subsurface and due diligence investigations when he joined Farallon’s Irvine, California office in July.  He also brought some serious music cred.

Brenden Taylor on drums“I’ve been involved in music since I was 5 years old,” Brenden says, “and I started playing drums at the age of 12.  I got my first paid music job in high school and I was hooked.”  One class short of a bachelor’s degree in music, Brenden reconsidered.  “The life of a musician is difficult, and there wasn’t much money in it. So, I changed majors to Geology, from rock to rocks.”  After a few years, though, Brenden knew he needed to start playing again.  “Music was too much a part of me to let go.  Taylor Family TraditionI got an electric drum kit, and I practice on the patio so I can keep an eye on the kids while they play in the yard.”  Brenden is sharing his love of music with his children.  “My youngest, who is 19 months old, loves to play on my drum kit, and my other children are learning to sing and play the piano.”

Eventually, Brenden brought his wife into the family hobby.  “Since she loves country music, I started to look for a country band that needed a drummer.  That’s how I found Kenny Charles, who had already recorded several albums and needed band members for live performances.”  Brenden plays with Kenny Charles at L.A. area venues like the Gaslamp and Willie Boy’s Saloon, and DJ Brad Mercer plays their songs on KIX Hot Country Radio.  “Our song ‘Drunk Wedding Day’ hit number one for a few weeks,” Brenden says.  Most recently, they were one of 20 bands selected from several hundred to play the main stage at the 2017 National Association of Music Merchants Show at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Brenden Taylor on drums

To find out more about Brenden’s band, including upcoming performances, you can follow him on Facebook through Kenny Charles.  To learn more about his other “rock” career, keep an eye on his Farallon page.  We’re glad to have all of Brenden’s talents in the Farallon ensemble.


Brenden Taylor, Farallon Consulting
Associate Geologist
(949) 222-0841