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Cleaner Air Oregon (CAO) is a new regulatory program created by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. The program requires air permitted businesses across multiple industries to assess the potential health risks associated with toxic air contaminants.

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All facilities in the State of Oregon with an existing Simple or Standard Air Contaminant Discharge Permit (ACDP), Title V Operating Permit, or new facility applying for one of the previously mentioned permits, will be required to participate in the CAO program. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality requires all facilities to submit an emissions inventory that identifies all emission units, process activity levels, and toxic air contaminants associated with each process. The emissions inventory must be supported using either material balance calculations, applicable emission factors, or a combination thereof to substantiate the calculated emissions. The agency uses the emissions inventory to assess the level of health-related risk associated with the business or industrial activities and prioritizes facilities for call-in to the program.

We help our clients understand which portions of their process apply to the CAO rules. Services provided to our clients include emission inventory development, source test coordination, implementation of toxic best available control technologies (TBACT), air dispersion modeling, and health risk assessment. The Cleaner Air Oregon rules continue to evolve through new rulemaking, and we help our clients stay apprised of ongoing changes and how the rules could impact their businesses.    

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