Various Western U.S. Sites

Various Western U.S. Sites

Farallon routinely conducts Phase II subsurface investigations for a variety of financial institutions, industrial property owners, developers, and other clientele. Services performed often involve investigation of soil, groundwater, and surface water for petroleum hydrocarbon constituents, pesticides, metals, solvents, resins, PAHs, and PCBs. Investigation sites have included manufacturing facilities, dry cleaner businesses, UST sites, pulp mills, bulk fuel storage facilities, wrecking yards, pesticide distribution facilities, and gasoline service stations throughout the western United States.

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Phase II Subsurface Investigations

We conduct thorough evaluations of subsurface conditions of every property to identify environmental liabilities, including potential contaminants from adjacent properties. We consistently demonstrate proficiency in assessing and...

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smiling-farallon-employee-with-short-gray-hair-wearing-black-shirt Brani Jurista Principal Geologist

Brani has over 23 years of professional experience providing consulting services in the environmental and oil/gas exploration industries. He has extensive experience designing remedial systems and implementing...

smiling-farallon-employee-with-long-blond-hair Tina M. Huff Principal Regulatory Specialist, Business Development Director

Tina is an environmental professional with over 21 years of experience in environmental due diligence and environmental regulatory compliance. Tina has provided technical services regarding environmental...

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