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Stormwater Discharge System Source Control Evaluation

Stormwater Discharge System Source Control Evaluation

Farallon is providing stormwater permit compliance assistance for this multi-tenant railyard site consisting of over 146 acres of industrial property that is used for train maintenance, product offloading, fuel storage, and other commercial and industrial businesses.

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The NPDES and the state of Oregon 1200-Z Industrial Stormwater General Permit require monitoring of stormwater discharges from the site. Stormwater is captured in multiple catch basins and discharged via two conveyance systems to regulated outfalls to the Willamette River. Due to past exceedances of total suspended solids benchmark standards established in the NPDES and 1200-Z Permits and results from an evaluation of the older stormwater system’s condition, the older stormwater system was temporarily closed in 2009 to eliminate stormwater discharge from a significant portion of the Site. Farallon is visually monitoring the area during the temporary closure to identify areas that may be affected by the closure of the stormwater conveyance system. No adverse effects from the closure have been identified. Farallon currently is awaiting approval for permanent closure of the stormwater system.


Services Utilized

Assessing Current Compliance for Operations

We look at client needs and goals to tailor the level of review and documentation – whether an informal consultation, a limited environmental compliance assessment, or an environmental compliance audit

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Industrial Stormwater

We provide industrial stormwater compliance assistance, tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs. We can develop a Stormwater Management Program or simply assist with permit submittal reminders.

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Permits and Regulatory Compliance

Our team helps business and landowner clients protect their assets, meet regulatory obligations, and satisfy permitting requirements. We assist our clients with their current or anticipated needs, whether by completing permit...

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