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Oakland Bay Fuel Facility Site

Oakland Bay Fuel Facility Site

Farallon managed the cleanup of a bulk fuel facility located on Oakland Bay in Shelton, Washington that had been operated since the 1920s by Standard Oil/Chevron Corporation and subsequent private owners. Facility operations included off-loading of fuel from barges and storage and distribution of various petroleum products.

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The cleanup project was completed under two Agreed Orders between Ecology and the Potentially Liable Persons. The scope of work conducted by Farallon under the first Agreed Order included preparation of a Remedial Investigation Work Plan, performance of investigation activities, preparation of a Remedial Investigation Report, preparation of a Feasibility Study Work Plan, performance of feasibility study activities, preparation of a Feasibility Study Report, and preparation of a draft Cleanup Action Plan.

The Remedial Investigation activities included sampling and laboratory analysis of soil, groundwater, sediment, and surface water; performance of a tidal study; and development of a thorough conceptual site model. The scope of work conducted by Farallon under the second Agreed Order included engineering design, performance of the cleanup action, and subsequent reporting and monitoring. The cleanup action included excavation of 7,500 tons of soil and enhanced bioremediation of groundwater.

Farallon received high praise from Ecology for designing and implementing the cleanup action in a manner that mitigated potential negative impacts from the construction activities on surface water quality in Oakland Bay. The compliance monitoring requirements were recently completed at the site, and Farallon currently is negotiating delisting of the site with Ecology.


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