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Farallon Volatile Organic Compound Monitoring Probe

Farallon VOC Monitoring Probe

Farallon was retained by a property owner to install the patented Farallon VOC Monitoring Probe and conduct sampling at a dry cleaning facility in a retail shopping center. Because of the potential risk of soil and groundwater contamination inherent in the handling and use of dry cleaning solvents containing VOCs, the property owner requested that Farallon install two VOC Monitoring Probes in the floor of the dry cleaning facility and collect soil gas samples to establish baseline conditions. Farallon’s standard operating procedure for sub-slab soil gas sampling incorporates real-time leak detection to ensure that the samples collected and analyzed provide high-quality data for evaluating sub-slab soil gas conditions and are not compromised.

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Farallon subsequently has conducted annual sampling events at the dry cleaning facility to assess whether a release of VOCs may have occurred. Installation of Farallon’s VOC monitoring system has cost-effectively reduced the property owner's long-term liability associated with tenant operations that could result in costly subsurface investigation and cleanup costs.


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