Bellingham Waterfront Property

exterior view of the waterfront property

Farallon conducted a Phase I ESA for a property transaction involving a Bellingham waterfront industrial site with documented uses back to the 1880s. The property had been used most recently as a seafood processing facility, and previously for rail freight handling, cold storage, and lumber milling. Phase I findings indicated the potential presence of petroleum impacts along a buried fuel pipeline corridor on the property. During a Phase II subsurface investigation conducted to meet the requirements of the lending institution financing the property purchase, petroleum contamination was discovered, apparently resulting from an undocumented UST formerly located beneath a recently constructed building. Findings from the supplemental Phase II assessment conducted to delineate the extent of petroleum-hydrocarbon impacts were used to develop cleanup cost estimates for the lender.

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Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

A defensible Phase I ESA is an indispensable element of thorough due diligence. Particularly in light of the All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) Final Rule, knowing and fulfilling the criteria for protection from liability can avert...

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Phase II Subsurface Investigations

We conduct thorough evaluations of subsurface conditions of every property to identify environmental liabilities, including potential contaminants from adjacent properties. We consistently demonstrate proficiency in assessing and...

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Tracey’s 18 years of experience includes removal actions, subsurface investigations, remedial actions, and compliance assessments at sites affected by a range of contaminants. She has managed projects for...

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