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Get to know Beth Padgett

Posted on by Farallon

A Farallon team member for 5 years, Beth Padgett is a Project Geologist based out of our Seattle, Washington office.

Beth Padgett

This will be Beth’s fifth year as the Farallon coordinator for Food Frenzy, a friendly competition between local businesses to help feed our hungry neighbors. As coordinator, Beth spends time each year volunteering at the Food Lifeline warehouse and rallying others to do the same, collecting food donations, and coordinating fundraising events for each of our Washington offices.

Beth says, “For me, part of being successful is having the ability to give back to the community I live in. My charitable interests include helping to feed the hungry and giving to underprivileged children. These interests are personally important to me... The statistic that 40% of the food produced in the U.S. goes to waste really hits a nerve. First, with so much food going to waste, there is no need for people to go hungry. And second, keeping food waste out of landfills is environmentally responsible. It feels socially important to spread the word and help in whatever way I can. Food Lifeline does a great job taking food that would normally go to landfills and redistributing it to those in need.”

Beth also is part of Farallon’s social media committee and started the #FarallonGear competition. You can find her snapping photos at every Farallon event. She is pictured here in her Farallon Gear. Make sure you check out Farallon’s Instagram for updates on both Food Frenzy and #FarallonGear.


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headshot of beth padgett Beth Padgett Project Geologist

Beth’s 11 years of experience include preparing and reviewing numerous Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II subsurface investigations, and hazardous material assessments. She also has managed and...

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