Farallon Introduces Dr. Katherine Dlubac

March 4, 2015

Katherine Dlubac, Ph. D.Farallon is proud to introduce Katherine Dlubac, Ph.D., as a Staff Scientist.  Katherine earned Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Geophysics from Stanford University, with an emphasis on the use of geophysical methods to characterize the properties of near-surface soil and groundwater as they pertain to flow, contaminant transport, and production.  Industry experience includes collecting and analyzing data using surface and logging-based geophysical methods, and working with ground-penetrating radar, time domain electromagnetics, transient electromagnetic methods, resistivity, and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR).  Katherine’s academic research involved predicting hydraulic conductivity, porosity, and pore size distributions in aquifer materials using NMR logging data.  She has presented her work at national and international conferences, and has several peer-reviewed publications.  Katherine’s work has involved collaboration with the U.S. Geological Survey, Schlumberger Water Services, the Kansas Geological Survey, and other private organizations.

In her role as a Staff Scientist in Farallon’s Oakland, California office, Katherine is involved in soil and groundwater sampling, assisting with litigation support and stormwater projects, and supporting Phase I and Phase II due diligence investigations and site characterization activities.

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