Farallon Headquarters Comes Together Under One Roof

June 22, 2017

After several years of planning, our Issaquah office is coming together under one roof.  Approximately 45 employees work in the two-story office building that originally housed a printing business and now serves as Farallon headquarters.  We initially shared the second floor with another tenant, and space was limited.  As the firm expanded, some employees moved to a leased site across the street affectionately dubbed “the Plume.”

In March, we acquired the entire second floor and began remodeling the space, uprooting employees in the process.  The first signs of progress emerged in April as corridors and stairwells were given fresh paint and new flooring.  Construction was completed on May 12, 2017, and employees began moving into their new workspaces.

Construction of 2nd Floor Offices

Construction of 2nd Floor Kitchenette    

Our remodel includes various green improvements such as LED and motion-sensing lights, low‑toxicity paint, and recycled and reused materials.  Electric lighting in common spaces near windows automatically adjusts based on the amount of natural light present.  The contractor recycled all materials generated during the initial teardown and remodel.  The resulting Farallon headquarters embodies the firm’s unwavering commitment to the enrichment of both the environment and community.

New Kitchenette on 2nd Floor

As the dust settles, employees are finding many reasons to celebrate.  “I think it’s important to have all Issaquah employees working in one building,” says Emerald Erickson-Mulanax, Project Geologist.  “I feel more connected to the ‘mothership,’ and no longer have to brave the weather and traffic when I need to visit the main building.  As leader of the Washington Green Team, I appreciate that our work space is energy efficient and reflects our vision for a more sustainable future.”

Associate Geologist
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