Vapor Intrusion - Dry Cleaner Facility

During the course of a remedial investigation and feasibility study being conducted at this former strip mall dry cleaning facility, elevated concentrations of the dry cleaning solvent tetrachloroethene (PCE) were detected in soil immediately below the floor slab. Working cooperatively with the property owner and their consultant, Farallon developed a scope of work to evaluate indoor air quality in the mall building. Summa canisters were used to collect indoor air samples at key locations over a 24-hour period. Results indicated that PCE was present in several of the strip mall tenant spaces at concentrations exceeding appropriate action levels. Farallon subsequently designed a soil vapor extraction system to both clean up affected soil and mitigate the intrusion of contaminated vapors into the building. Following Ecology approval of the Cleanup Action Plan prepared by Farallon, the soil vapor extraction system was installed in 2008 and continues to operate pending confirmation of site cleanup.