Facility Audits and Early Detection

Farallon regularly provides risk management services to property owners and managers having overall responsibility for retail sales and service activities that involve volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in day to-day operations. Farallon’s services include conducting compliance and operations audits to assess storage, handling, and waste disposal practices, and to ensure that the documentation for these operations is in compliance with the Washington State Dangerous Waste Regulations. In several instances, Farallon has been retained to install the patented Farallon VOC Monitoring System and to conduct sampling at retail shopping centers having tenants who conduct dry cleaning operations. Due to the potential risk of VOC contamination to soil and groundwater related to the handling and use of dry cleaning solvents, property owners have requested Farallon to install VOC monitoring probes in the floor of dry cleaning facilities and collect soil gas samples to establish baseline conditions and assess for potential vapor intrusion of VOCs into retail structures. Farallon conducts semiannual sampling events to ascertain whether a release of VOCs may have occurred. With Farallon’s VOC Monitoring System, the property owners were able to cost-effectively monitor and manage risks associated with tenant operations.