Retail Development Property Stormwater Management Program

Farallon provided stormwater compliance management and technical support for the development and implementation of temporary erosion and sediment control (TESC) measures associated with the development of a 13-acre parcel of land as a retail shopping center, in accordance with NPDES Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit regulations, City of Issaquah stormwater regulations, and the Washington State Department of Ecology Construction Stormwater Permit. Due to site soil types, the turbidity benchmark could not be achieved for stormwater discharge to the City of Issaquah municipal stormwater system. The developer obtained a discharge permit from King County Metro Sewer to discharge pre-treated stormwater to the sanitary sewer system. Constructed ponds and temporary storage tanks were used to provide settling of suspended solids in the stormwater and to minimize and control the rate of stormwater discharge from the site to the sanitary sewer system. Farallon supported the developer and construction contractor in addressing difficulties in achieving compliance with TESC Plan provisions following inspections by the City of Issaquah. Farallon inspected construction operations three times per week, noting opportunities to modify and improve the BMPs being implemented at the construction site, and completed the required weekly status reports for submittal to the City of Issaquah. Farallon completed the required monthly discharge monitoring reports for Site for submittal to Ecology. Farallon also prepared a series of amendments to the TESC Plan to enhance the erosion and sediment control measures initially established for the construction effort.