City Of Issaquah Spill Contingency

Farallon worked directly with City of Issaquah technical staff to develop a comprehensive Spill Contingency Management Plan (SCMP) to document specific responsibilities, protocols, and necessary materials for the City to respond to an emergency spill of hazardous material within city limits. The SCMP was designed to guide Issaquah City officials, including the Public Works, Engineering, and Fire Departments, during the initial hours of a spill to protect sensitive areas such as Issaquah Creek and Lake Sammamish. The objectives of the SCMP are to protect human health and the environment, minimize environmental damage within the City, enable prompt and proper removal of hazardous substances, and meet federal and state requirements. The SCMP contains sufficient detail to prepare the City of Issaquah to conduct all phases of a cleanup for a worst-case scenario hazardous material spill.