Baker Creek Storm Drain System

Farallon provided technical support for the evaluation and mitigation of a release of construction materials to a catch basin and storm drain system that drains to Baker Creek in Bellingham, Washington. Farallon’s client was the general contractor for a remodel of a large commercial retail building where improper handling of painting and mortar-mixing equipment by subcontractors had resulted in release of latex paint to the ground near a stormwater catch basin, violating the City of Bellingham stormwater ordinance. Mitigation measures included vacuuming the catch basins with a vactor truck and jet-flushing the storm sewer line between the release area and the outfall to Baker Creek. Farallon documented the mitigation activities and conducted surface water sampling at the storm sewer outfall to verify the effectiveness of the mitigation measures. Because of the mishandling of materials and inadvertent release to Baker Creek, Farallon’s client tightened subcontractor selection criteria and continues to emphasize implementation of best management practices at its construction sites.