Stormwater Treatment Facility and Infiltration System


A family business needed Farallon’s expertise for complicated stormwater evaluation and permitting processes.

Bob’s Metals is a second-generation family business providing scrap-metal recycling for industrial, manufacturing, and service industries throughout Oregon and Washington.  When the company purchased a 4-acre industrial property as part of its business expansion, it turned to Farallon for help with stormwater permitting.  Farallon developed creative, cost-effective solutions, guiding the client through the compliance process.

The purchase required an Upland Source Control Evaluation of the property in coordination with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to identify and mitigate sources of potential pollutants.  Based on evaluation results, Farallon identified the need for and obtained a National Permit Discharge Elimination System permit for the client for stormwater discharge into the Columbia Slough.  Farallon managed all necessary sampling and compliance reporting.

Development of the property also required compliance with the City of Portland Stormwater Management Manual, which recommended multimillion-dollar modification to the property.  “We are creative thinkers,” said Craig Ware, Principal-in-Charge for the project.  “We can work with all agencies to make new solutions possible.  When we ran into a road block, we just went down a different road.”

Farallon proposed a cleanup plan that allowed the client to capture and treat stormwater on the site through an electrical coagulation treatment system, and to discharge the water to a large-capacity underground injection control gallery.  To reduce cost and waste, Farallon obtained DEQ approval for beneficial reuse of contaminated soil excavated during construction of the gallery.  Farallon also located engineering teams for civil construction, water treatment, and hydrogeology services, and assisted Bob’s Metals in selecting a construction management team for the project work.

Successful implementation of the stormwater treatment facility and infiltration system under Farallon’s guidance makes Bob’s Metals a model for environmental responsibility along the Columbia Slough.