Soil Vapor Extraction/Air Sparge

Farallon developed the detailed design for a soil vapor extraction/ozone-enhanced air sparge treatment system to remediate petroleum- and solvent-contaminated soil and groundwater at a 2-acre site in downtown Puyallup. The project required completion within a fixed time period because of property transaction contractual agreements, and its urban location necessitated cleanup with minimal disruption to the community. Farallon's involvement in the project began during the scoping phase with an evaluation of alternative approaches for site cleanup. The remedial approach selected by Farallon engineers was source removal combined with in-situ treatment using soil vapor extraction and ozone-enhanced air sparge. The soil vapor extraction treatment system was designed for installation in an existing building, with all system piping and appurtenances buried. To accelerate the rate of solvent removal, Farallon devised a means to augment the air sparge system with ozone to oxidize contaminants.  Farallon's innovative approach to soil and groundwater remediation at the site met the client's requirements for a highly effective, minimally disruptive treatment system.