California Property Cleanup

In support of a property transaction, Farallon conducted a Phase I ESA and a subsequent subsurface investigation at this California property to define the extent of soil contamination resulting from ongoing farm equipment storage and maintenance operations on the site.  The Phase I ESA identified extensive petroleum staining on the unpaved surface and in the vicinity of a truck wash pad on the property.  Farallon sampled and analyzed the extent of petroleum staining observed at locations across the property and evaluated a portion of the site formerly used for drum storage.  One or more petroleum products were detected at six discrete areas on the property at concentrations above applicable screening levels.

Farallon developed and implemented a cleanup action to excavate impacted soil and replace it with clean fill.  A Farallon Geologist observed the soil excavation work conducted by a local contractor, and collected confirmation samples.  Farallon accomplished the scheduled cleanup activity and responded effectively to unanticipated subsurface conditions detected during the cleanup action.  Soil contaminated with petroleum from an on-site AST was encountered below the tank pad.  Farallon delineated the area of contaminated soil beneath the tank pad, enabling the client to make an informed business decision regarding purchase of the property.  Successful completion of the cleanup action fulfilled project objectives, facilitating the property purchase.