Landfill Technical Support

Farallon is providing technical and regulatory compliance support for the RI/FS for the former South Park Landfill in South Seattle on behalf of a private developer, the City of Seattle, and King County in accordance with the provisions of MTCA with Ecology oversight. Farallon’s involvement has included providing technical support during negotiation of an Agreed Order with Ecology, compiling historical data, identifying data gaps to facilitate development of an RI/FS Work Plan, and performing ongoing assessments of soil, groundwater, surface water, and landfill gas to focus completion of the RI. Work at the site is being carried out under a collaborative agreement to obtain regulatory closure of the former landfill and to support near- and long-term redevelopment activities at and adjacent to the landfill site. Farallon also developed a draft Interim Action Work Plan and an engineering design for the capping of an undeveloped 20-acre parcel within the former landfill boundary, installation of a landfill gas collection and control system, and placement of a stormwater conveyance and control system. Shoring and leachate control systems were incorporated into the design documents for areas of the landfill perimeter to facilitate integration with adjacent street improvements.