Former Automobile Dealership


A client turned to Farallon for a fast-track path to achieving regulatory closure.

Farallon’s investigations provided the owner of a property contaminated as a result of previous uses a path toward attaining regulatory closure and an estimate of the likely costs, allowing the client to plan for sale of the property.

Farallon determined that previous remedial activities performed at a former automobile dealership were insufficient to satisfy Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) cleanup requirements.  Decommissioned underground storage tanks and fuel pumps on the property were suspected sources of contamination to soil and groundwater.  With a goal to sell the property within 3 years, the client asked Farallon to provide the support and expertise necessary to reach that goal.

By reviewing and interpreting previously collected data, Farallon identified data gaps remaining from previous investigations.  Farallon conducted additional site characterization and remedial investigation activities to resolve these data gaps, which enabled Farallon to plan a strategy for regulatory closure at the property and estimate the costs of required cleanup.  “Although the history of the property was complex and many data gaps were identified in previously conducted cleanup work, Farallon called on the expertise of many of our team members to effectively accomplish the client’s needs,” said Javan Ruark, Farallon Associate Geologist.  “We’ve accomplished a lot of our planned work, and we’re on track to identify and implement Ecology-approved model remedies to obtain a No Further Action determination within the client’s time frame.”